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Comarch is multinational software house and systems integrator based in Kraków, Poland. Comarch provides services in areas such as Telecommunications, Finance and Banking, the Services Sector and to Public Administration. Its services include billing, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, IT security, IT architecture, management and outsourcing solutions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and sales support, electronic communication and business intelligence and cloud solutions for various businesses.

An employee said this on Indeed "I hate to work in Comarch because of the awful atmosphere, the poor projects, the really bad people, none competence in the telecoms industry and also really poor salary".


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Former Employee - Junior Java Developer says

"- Sub-average salary - Really outdated technology"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very badly managed. Everything depending from one person in the company. No long-term strategy. A lot of politics and badly driven projects. A lot of clients hating the company for not delivering on time."

Current Employee - Project Manager says

"- Low salary - Only way to get a raise is to say your supervisor that you have offer from another company - In contrast to promises: a small number of trainings - Hopeless office room (e.g. very dry air and long term period for fixed it) - Bureaucracy and politics (i.e. to get a new mouse to yours PC You have to get permission from about six people, including ceo)"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Well there are few cons to working at Comarch - what bothers me the most is lack of sales leadership. Aside from that - Comarch is a great place to work."

Current Employee - Software Developer says

"Probably depend on project, but a lot of legacy projects"

Former Employee - Presale Consultant says

"The salary is quite low"

Current Employee - Business Development Manager says

"No new way of working No transparency"

Former Employee - Pre-Sales Consultant says

"Attitude to personnel can be improved"

Current Employee - Junior Project Manager says

"It has the size of a big company, but the mentality of a small-medium one"

Former Employee - Product Owner says

"- Legacy business sometimes is what you can expect"

Konsultant (Current Employee) says

"Nie polecam słaba karda, słabe wsparcie, social zerowy. O wszystko trzeba samemu zabiegać."

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Aspetti positivi: - ambiente di lavoro giovane e coinvolgente. A parte qualche rara eccezione, colleghi simpatici e con cui instaurare un ottimo rapporto anche personale - buona competenza tecnica da parte degli esperti della Casa Madre; - possibilità di vedere nuove tecnologie Aspetti negativi: - micro-management esasperato ed esasperante soprattutto da parte del management locale, che influisce in modo molto negativo sul clima generale, aumentando in modo rilevante la tensione ed il malcontento; - poca o scarsa considerazione per le persone, considerate più che altro un "costo". Es.: durante le trasferte in Polonia si viene quasi sempre alloggiati in squallidi appartamenti di proprietà dell'azienda, condivisi anche tra 4 o 5 persone spesso sconosciute (con bagno e cucina in comune...). Per le trasferte viene imposto un tetto massimo di spesa per gli hotel basso per l'Italia: si riesce a dormire in posti spesso al limite della decenza (soprattutto nelle grandi città). - turnover molto elevato delle persone, ben sopra la media (vedi punto precedente): in nemmeno 2 anni ho visto cambiare quasi tutti i colleghi. - training per le nuove risorse ridicolo, fatto nella sede in Polonia da volonterosi che fanno quello che possono, ma che non sono trainer professionisti. Nessun corso relativo a soft skills. - mentalità retrograda, non adatta ad un'azienda che si vuol definire multinazionale e moderna; esasperante concezione dell'autorità, vista solo come strumento di controllo e non di coaching e di stimolo alla crescita delle persone; - rigidità, burocrazia,"

Windows Specialist (Current Employee) says

"El ambiente laboral en Comarch es divertido y lleno de desafiosTenida de trabajo informalMala administracion"

Programista java/oracle (Former Employee) says

"Ciężko wydać opinię na temat firmy, która zatrudnia 5,5k ludzi. Wszystko zależy od działu i zespołu w jakim się pracuje."

Programador y soporte (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente multicultural con enfasis en cultura de Europa del este. Muy profesionales en el área técnica. Fuertes deficiencias en el área comercial y administrativa.crecimiento de trabajo en equipo, conocer otras culturasmal manejo comercial de la firma se traduce en decrecimiento de oportunidades de nuevos proyectos"

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"Prezes / Profesor Filipiak doskonale wie w jakim kierunku prowadzić swój biznes. Jedynie kwestia to wynagrodzenie odbiegające od średniej w branży." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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